Fire and Gasoline

Weren’t we always like fire and gasoline? Together always; outta line. Together like the lock and its combination Each other’s path to salvation? Nothing could change what we had. We found each other for that I’m glad. The bond in which we were clad…. What we had was strong like brine Like nothing could ever […]

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  You did me a favour You neglected me. I thought you were my saviour But to deeper hell, you pushed me. Left to rot in my own insecurities Made me incubate jealousy. Now you see it’s too late For you to take my side For you to be my beside. You’ll never be anybody’s […]

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In the crowded place, I’m lost at the glance Of your radiant face. Amidst all the loiter; I hear your whisper. I want to move closer to you And just want to hold you By your waist. My hand on your face Gently caressing your hair. Heist? Let me breathe you in slowly, Not caring […]

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Show must go on….

These wounds won’t seem to heal. This pain is so real. Imma bounce back dear Make things clear Be the one with no fear. Once you meant the world to me Now all of that is in jeopardy. No empathy? I’ll have a little sympathy. You’ve broke me down. Tore me to pieces. Everything seems […]

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Need each other

We walk till the end of the road Your hand in mine. Caress your face See all the pain flyin’. I feel your heart, you feel my beat Tell each other we’re perfect. Promise I’ll be yours, For hours, dunk in love. Hold you in my arms, so tight Hope this moment freezes. To hear […]

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It’s You

I wish I could take you close; Hold you in my arms. I would whisper That you’re better than other girls. When it shines, I just want you. When it rains, I want you more. It’s you who bring colour To life which is duller. Whatever the weather Sloppy or dry. I will always be […]

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